Wedding photographer from Warsaw. Pawel Kotas.

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If true love can be breathtaking, then wedding photos should be as well, no matter where they are taken.

I have photographed international weddings, ceremonies in small town wooden churches as well as in big city cathedrals. I love open air theme weddings full of light as well as traditional and atmospheric family meetings. All of them have one thing in common – love. Not only love between those who have just said ‘yes’ to each other, but also family love, friends’ love, love that makes this celebration stay deep in our hearts and memories. This unique atmosphere can only be expressed through equally unique photographs. Because only such photographs are worth keeping, just like those special memories, in your head, in your heart and in your wedding album.

Wedding photography is more than just photos

When we think of the day of the wedding ceremony, we feel excitement, joy and the burden of responsibility connected with expectations to make the day perfect. We plan hundreds of details. From the wedding dress and the groom’s suit, to the decoration of the room, church or another venue for the ceremony. The list of wedding ‘must-haves’ is very long. All those things obviously matter, but one must remember that although memories fade, the magic of this day and the meticulousness of the preparation will stay forever in the photographs. Wedding photography conveys emotions that live forever. It’s one of the rare souvenirs of this kind. That is why it’s worth paying to it just as much attention as to all other elements constituting this day. This is the unique photo journey I’d like to invite you on! If you want the photos from your special day to be premium quality wedding photographs – I am at your disposal!

Wedding documentary

Wedding photography can be interpreted in many ways, but it’s definitely much more than documentation of the day or a sentimental souvenir. A wedding photo story is the story of love and of one of the most special days of your lives. You can imagine it in frames and colours as a consistent and true story of your whole wedding day. The most important moments, the closest people, original shots – it’s a souvenir that will last for years – for you and your dear ones. That’s what my photo stories are like – and behind each one there are remarkable people and their stories… In this approach wedding photography is like art, and the extraordinary emotions of this day can only be expressed through photographs to take which one needs not only photographic equipment and skills, but also an observant and tender eye. If such are the photos you are looking for, this is the right place for you.

I like being on the road

I live in Warsaw, but I’ll be happy to take photos for you anywhere in the world. A wedding ceremony is a unique event, that’s why it’s worth letting oneself go a little crazy and not being afraid to dream! Whether you are dreaming about a cozy little ceremony in a small church or a lavish wedding in the city centre, a wedding in the open air or one in a barn, let my offer be a starting point for a discussion about your expectations and desires. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – let’s take it together!

My favourite wedding photos

My favourite wedding photos are those that convey the atmosphere of the ceremony, its mood and the interactions among people taking part in it. This ceremony like no other connects people, shows their mutual relations, warmth and compassion. They are shown perfectly in my photos, which you will find in my portfolio.

Wedding photographer privately

Privately I love travel, mountain escapades, bike rides, and I’m an amateur bass guitar player. I like experiments with analogue photography and 80s compacts. It’s a demanding form which allows me to train my eye and to hone my skills in the art of framing and noticing nuances. My passion for traditional photography is intertwined with fascination for technology and highest quality digital processing. The combination of those two areas allows me to create photos full of expression, emotion and technical precision. More information about me and my philosophy of work can be found here.

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If you are looking for a wedding photographer and dreaming about your perfect wedding photo story, and you are interested in my offer, feel free to find out more about me here:


and then to contact me. If you give me the details of the planned ceremony – its date, place and general description, you will make it easier for me to prepare an offer tailored to your needs and expectations as well as to assess my availability on your chosen date.