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A day like this only happens once in a life time. Every wedding is unique, requires extraordinary organisation and deserves timeless photos. The recipe for this seems quite simple for a photographer: catch significant moments, be present everywhere (but invisible at the same time), juggle impressions and shoot what’s the most fleeting. However, not everyone can do that.



Requires perfection and does not forgive mistakes. The photos should be carefully selected and precisely processed. It’s not the quantity, but the quality that matters here.



The quintessence of wedding photography. These are the classic shoots, including the stage of preparation, wedding ceremony, and, of course, the wedding party.

Aneta + Nuno

Elegant couple with a great sense of humor. Wedding party till dawn with live music.

Agnieszka + Conor

A couple from Australia, with Polish traditions. What a wonderful wedding it was!

Agnieszka + Naweed

She – from Poland. He – born in Bangladesh. They met in Copenhagen.
The atmospheric ceremony full of love, colour and exoticism.

Ola + Titch

It was a rainy Saturday. The sky has lightened up just fifteen minutes before the wedding.

Ewa + Łukasz

Color, a lot of fun and full of emotion wedding and then perfectly planned party.

Ślub i Wesele w Stylu Rustykalnym - Fotografia Ślubna Warszawa

Joanna + Piotr

Two artists. Both creative and full of great ideas. Their Boho-chic wedding was all natural, filled with positive energy and freshness. Everything was perfect that day.



Usually made after the wedding. Photo session is a perfect moment to experiment and make your bravest photographic ideas come true. I will suggest interesting places and concepts, but I’m also open for your visions. Want a session in Paris, Rome, or Sopot? Here you are! I would be happy to go there with you.

Paulina + Michał

Energetic engagement photo session in Warsaw.
Joy, play and fun.

Paulina + Maciej

Powiśle district in the summer.
Urban photo session in Copernicus Science Centre.

Paulina + Tomek

Grey&Blue engagement photo session.

Plener Ślubny Warszawa

Agnieszka + Naweed

Outdoor session after wedding.
Nature, charm and grace.

Ewelina + Przemek

Black&White, nostalgic session on the way to the wedding party.
Just like in the old times.

Sun Bo + Liu Yanjun

Bride and groom session in the city, and shoots after the wedding. Warsaw Old Town, autumn park. Energy and colour.



This is a short, usually 15-30 minutes photo session made during the wedding party.


Do you want your family photos to be interesting and full of life? If so, a Photobooth is your perfect match. It’s a wonderful alternative for traditional, posed and – let’s face it: usually unnatural, conventional photos.


The session can be made in any moment of the wedding party, regardless of the time of the day, because I use the studio lighting and special background.


You can order a background by your individual project, with different pattern, colour or shade, any size. If you are interested in this option, please, contact me and we’ll discuss details.



This is one of the most impressive ways of presenting and storing your photos.

In the contrary to traditional photo books and albums, these offered by my studio allow to fully expose (for example on the whole page) and freely arrange the pictures. You can select your perfect cover, the number of pages, and individual arrangement of the photos. As a result, you’ll get a fully personalised, unique album or a book. Both products are created for the most demanding customers.

Pages of the book are made of high quality chalk overlay paper, they’re flexible.
The photos are printed on maximum 100 sheets of paper (200 pages).
Pages of the album are made of professional photographic paper – thick and rigid.
The photographs are developed directly on them, and the maximum number of page spreads is 35 (70 pages).

The books and albums offered by my studio are always manufactured on the highest possible quality and with the best materials. The digital images are delivered in full resolution, so you can print them in any size on your own.


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