Good wedding photography is like a good relationship…

it combines quality and emotions

A day like this only happens once in a life time. Every wedding is unique, requires extraordinary organisation and deserves timeless photos. The recipe for this seems quite simple for a photographer: catch significant moments, be present everywhere (but invisible at the same time), juggle impressions and shoot what’s the most fleeting. However, not everyone can do that.

Wedding photography Poland

Good wedding photography is like a good relationship – it combines quality and emotions. It cannot be done without concentration, a sensitive eye and perfect craftsmanship.

s a wedding photographer, I accompany you during the preparations, the ceremony, the wedding party as well as during the outdoor wedding photo shoot. It is my responsibility to see and capture what is most important, at the same time remaining invisible myself. It is an ambitious challenge, that is why wedding photography often surpasses the abilities of beginners.

I work mainly in and around Warsaw, but I will be happy to take wedding photos for you anywhere in Poland. I am also open to doing outdoor sessions in any destination your wedding dreams will take you.

If, like me, you value mainly quality, not quantity, and are looking for a photographer for your wedding, please have a look at my portfolio and ask me about an available date:

Wedding documentary, Warsaw, Poland

The quintessence of wedding photography. These are the classic shoots, including the stage of preparation, wedding ceremony, and, of course, the wedding party.

Ślub w Osadzie Młyńskiej - Zdjęcia fotograf ślubnego z Warszawy

Natalia + Piotr

Rustical wedding in Osada Młyńska

Uroczyste wyjście z kościoła św. Anny w Warszawie

Alex + Johnattan

Amber Room Restaurant

Ślub polsko-irlandzki w Pałacu Zdunowo

Ewa + Greg

Zdunowo Palace

Wedding photos

A wedding consists of dozens of micro moments, many people important for you, thousands of details, millions of emotions. Good wedding photos are full of content, colours and emotions – exactly like the wedding day. In my favourite wedding photos there is no posing, no artificiality, no conventions. But surely you’ll find in them emotions, lightness, joy and love. And that’s what wedding photography is all about.

Para Młoda podczas wesela w Klubie Bankowca

The most interesting wedding venues

One of the most crucial elements of wedding preparations is the choice of the wedding venue. Couples facing this decision should first of all listen to their own preferences and specify the character of the ceremony that they want to organise. A wedding in an elegant castle, in a hotel, or maybe in a historic old manor house or a rustic barn? In recent years I have had the chance to photograph weddings and wedding receptions in all those locations and here you will find my subjective list of unique wedding locations together with their descriptions and photos.

A unique wedding can also be organised in Warsaw, or in its vicinity, and many amazing wedding venues will surprise you with their attention to detail as well as initiative and care to make sure that the celebration you are organising is planned perfectly.

The most interesting wedding venues are definitely those that not only present themselves magificently in wedding photos or charm the guests, but most of all those that make everyone feel at home.

Najpiękniejsze miejsca na wesele w Warszawie i okolicach

Wedding inspirations

Wedding stories are like love stories ­– they should constitute a nice whole, have their own dynamics, emotional involvement and that sparkle that makes them unique. Every story can be told in many different ways, however, it’s worth getting outside the box and breaking up with conventional rigidity in order to translate this story into an exceptional picture that will stay with us forever. The wedding photos that I will take for you tell such stories. They aren’t just a piece of craft, but gripping stories of people and their love.

Para Młoda składająca przysięgę małżeńską w kościele św. Anny

International weddings

International weddings are more and more common in Poland. They have their own very special dynamics and themes, as they bring together both the married couple and the guest, often coming from very distant and very different cultures.

Plenerowy ślub cywilny w Pałacu Zdunowo

An outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding is a great alternative for couples who want the celebration that they organize to have an exquisite setting, a unique atmosphere, and one which can be held in natural surroundings.

If you are planning your wedding for the summer months, and you aren’t considering a church wedding, this is an excellent idea for a wedding venue.

Stodoła w Osadzie Młyńskiej jako idealne miejsce na imprezę w stylu rustykalnym

A wedding in a barn

A wedding in a barn is an alternative to traditional receptions in wedding halls or hotels. The trend for weddings in these kinds of locations is closely connected with the trend for weddings in a rustic style.

A wedding party in a barn offers an irreplacable atmosphere, but it also constitutes an organizational challenge, as not everything can be precisely predicted in this case. However, it is also an opportunity to create an original, unconventional and light event, that will entrance the guests and delight the younger ones, the older ones, and the very little ones.

Ślub humanistyczny w Uroczysku Zaborek na Podlasiu

A humanistic wedding

Humanistic weddings often have very well thought-out and specified setting and dynamics. They are accompanied by carefully chosen music and no element of the ceremony is coincidental or meaningless.

A humanistic wedding is an excellent option for couples who are looking for an individual approach to organising the event and don’t want conventional solutions.

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