Frequently asked questions

1. How long have you been dealing with wedding photography?

I’ve been dealing with wedding photography professionally for over 10 years and it’s my main activity that spend most time on. I also deal with commercial photography, e.g. interior photography, virtual walks or portraits. I take a lot of photos as a pastime, for pleasure. Occasionally, I run training courses, mainly on photo editing.

2. How much does a wedding photo story cost?

In 2020 the price of an all-day wedding photo story starts from EUR 1000. If you are planning a small reception and need a photographer for a shorter time, you can ask for an individual quotation. Send me the date of the wedding, location, the hours in which I should work as well as the elements that you wish to be documented, and I will provide an adjusted offer.

3. How long do you work during an all-day wedding photo shoot?

An all-day photo story, covering the preparations, the ceremony, offering congratulations and the wedding reception, takes usually between 8 and 12 hours, depending on the schedule for the day. I start by photographing the preparations about 3 hours before the ceremony and I end after the unveiling and capping ceremony or around 1am. If you are planning an unusual scenario for your wedding day, let me know and I’ll adjust my offer to your needs.

Ceremonia ślubna z Kościele przy Placu Zbawiciela.
photo: wedding ceremony at the church in Plac Zbawiciela.

4. Do you always photograph the preparations?

Not always, but definitely in most cases. The story of the wedding day starts during the preparations, which I photograph in a documentary form, trying to capture the unique moments. It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know you and your dearest ones better, to make you feel at ease with the camera and it’s a good time to take the first photos with the family. Photographing the preparations has a positive impact on photographing the next stages of the wedding day.

5. What shall we receive in the photo story?

The most important thing are the photos. You will receive them in the form of full resolution digital files, as well as in a personalised photo book, for which you choose the photos yourselves, also deciding on the material and the colour of the cover. Moreover, you will obtain the photos in the form of an online gallery secured with a password, so that you could enjoy them with your family and friends. Additionally, I can share my experience with you – you will get a wedding guide and some inspirational ideas.

photo: the bride with friends.

6. How many photos shall we receive?

From an all-day photo shoot you will receive at least 300-400 photos, without a maximum cap. I’ll prepare for you all the good photos taken during the whole day, including photos from a short outdoor photo shoot as well as photos of friends and family.

7. Is transport paid additionally?

If you are planning your wedding and reception to be held within the mazowieckie voivodship, you don’t have to worry about additional transport costs. In case of a further distance, the transport and accommodation, depending on how far away that would be, are additionally paid. However, I’d be happy to travel with you between your house and the church, and between the church and the wedding venue, as this is a great opportunity to take some photos!

8. What is the outdoor photo shoot on the wedding day?

The outdoor photo shoot on the wedding day usually involves a 20-40-minute portrait shoot done usually after the ceremony or during the wedding reception. It’s a small substitute for the outdoor photo shoot, which usually takes place on another day and, additionally, it’s an opportunity to take spontaneous, natural and emotional photos that couldn’t be repeated on another day. This outdoor photo shoot on the wedding day is included in the photo story and I really recommend this option!

9. Do you recommend an outdoor photo shoot on another day?

I recommend the option of an outdoor photo shoot on a different day to people who feel well in front of the camera and to people who are determined and resilient, as it requires being involved in the preparations as well as devoting additional time to prepare for the photo shoot. Sometimes I do the outdoor photo shoot on another day for couples whose date for my photo story was already taken.

photo: a frame from a photo shoot at the Copernicus Science Centre.

10. How long do we have to wait for the photos?

You will receive the ready photos not later than within 3 months, but I often provide them much earlier. Depending on how busy my schedule is, you can receive your photos within a month or two. First you will receive access to an online gallery, from which you can choose the photos for your photo album.

11. How can we book our date?

If you’ve seen my photo stories, got acquainted with my offer and want to book a date, I’d be happy to meet you and talk about your wedding plans and arrange the details. The reservation of the date is confirmed by signing an agreement, which requires making a deposit amounting to 30% of the total cost. If you can’t meet in Warsaw, we can arrange a telephone or Skype conversation and deal with the formalities remotely.

photo: same day wedding session

12. Will you publish our photos on the Internet?

I’ll be happy to! My website is my showcase. If it wasn’t for the photo stories on my website, we probably wouldn’t have the chance to meet and co-operate. That’s why presenting my latest photos showing the level of my work is so important to me. If, however, you value privacy and wouldn’t like to share your image online, let me know and I’m sure we’ll be able to find a suitable solution.