A wedding in the Mała Wieś Palace!

You probably know the story of the terrible weather that almost ruined the wedding plans of many newlyweds. When the sun came out from behind the clouds and the rain stopped ten minutes before the wedding ceremony… Well, it didn’t happen this time… Despite optimistic July weather forecast, the rain didn’t let go that day. The open air church wedding that Agnes and Ronnie planned at the Mała Wieś Palace had to take place in the contingency plan location of the church in Belsk Duży. But it’s not just the place that creates the right atmosphere… And the church itself, especially its interior, is short of nothing. 🙂 Just before
the sunset, in a still drizzly aura, we managed to take a few outdoor photos, and after that it was just a party. And what a party it was!

Agnes and Ronnie – thanks for your trust! I’m glad we’ve done it together! 🙂