Outdoor wedding at the Many Mansion

How to organize a wedding and a wedding reception at the Many Mansion?

You have to ask Monika and Kuba – the main characters of our wedding photo story. What I remember about our first meeting is that we didn’t talk much about the photos, and even less about the location. I am sure, though, that the choice of location at the Many Mansion was well thought-out and adjusted to the preferences of the newlyweds. I have to mention that Monika and Kuba prepared in a lot of detail for the wedding day, but as for the photos, they put their complete trust in me. I did not receive a list of photos that must be included in the photo story or any other detailed instructions. The most important thing was the atmosphere! All I knew was that I would be starting my work around midday and finishing a little after midnight, and after the ceremony I will be taking group photos with the family. That’s all. I liked this approach because it gave me a lot of freedom in interpreting the day. Right in the middle of photographing the wedding preparations, I felt at home. One of the first photos I took on that day was the moment of raising a family toast 🙂

Why organize a wedding and a wedding reception at the Many Mansion?

First of all, choosing one and the same location for the preparations, wedding and the wedding party is like striking home. Nobody, myself included, has to worry about the logistics and the guests lack the common excuse not to savour alcoholic drinks during the wedding reception. Virtually the whole time I spent at the manor was a perfect occasion to take photos, both those that constitute the main story as well as those completing it with details. I’m especially happy with the latter ones, as they are the ones creating the atmosphere of the strory. Secondly, organizing the preparations, the wedding and the wedding reception all in one place makes it possible to invite the guests as early as for the preparations, which helps to avoid the official welcoming, which usually takes place right before the ceremony. What is more, all the family invited to the mansion gave me a very warm welcome, which shortened the distance between us and, as a result, made it easier for me to take photos and capture the interesting moments.

How do I remember Monika and Kuba’s outdoor wedding and wedding reception?

It was warm, but not only because of the time of the year, but also because of the atmosphere during the party. There were a lot of speeches, a lot of warm words, lots of laughter and tons of hugs. In such favourable circumstances has more than enough opportunities to show his reflexes.

Finally, a few words from Monika and Kuba:

Paaweeł! The photos are gorgeous! Yesterday we cried and we laughed looking at them. Each photo is BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE!! The photos on the dance floor are amazing! I never thought one can capture dance in such a wonderful way. Kuba is super touched, not only because the pictures are lovely, but there are also a few great ones of his closest friends. If you know them and look at such pics, they are simply a work of art! Thank you so much! Soon I’ll be posting them on FB and Insta and tagging you as the author.

Thank you for your trust!