Outdoor Wedding in Uroczysko Zaborek, Podlasie, Poland

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Uroczysko Zaborek (Zaborek sacred spot) is one of those places that have been rated on Slowhop as ‘world championship’. On arriving you receive a map of the area, as it covers over 70 hectares. I’m not going to bore you with the history of the place, you can read about it on Zaborek’s official webpage. I’ll try to illustrate the atmosphere of the place with over a dozen photos I took on the day before Agata and Thomas’s wedding.
Just after passing through the gate I thought it would be an ideal place to visit with family, and Zaborek is apparently frequented by Arab sheikhs as well as American rock stars… Following that lead, Agata and Thomas decided to invite guests here not only from Poland, but also from abroad. ;) They started celebrating in a relaxed atmosphere by the open fire, and I had the chance to capture this event.


I have to admit it was the first time I participated in the ceremony of a humanistic wedding. A few months earlier I received all information from Agata and Thomas, including the scenario and the text of the vows, and while reading all that I already knew it would be very emotional. In reality, it was not only emotional, but also warm and cosy, and the venue perfectly complemented the atmosphere of the day. The ceremony was perfectly conducted by Natalia from the team of ‘Joanna Humerczyk’s Humanistic Wedding’. I was impressed!


What makes Uroczysko Zaborek unique is its exquisite cuisine. I’ve already mentioned the atmosphere of the place, which, combined with the food, provides an ideal recipe for a perfect slow wedding. A relaxed mood and no need to rush resulted in natural photos. I didn’t take any different ones on that day. Additionally, we managed to find time to take a few outdoor photos in a tremendous atmosphere that would be difficult to recreate on another day.

I’d like to thank Agata and Thomas for their super involvement and staying in touch from our first call till our first meeting in Zaborek. I’m also grateful for the kind words:

Working with Paweł was sheer pleasure from the very first contact till the end. Paweł replies to emails and answers questions very quickly, which was especially important to us, as we organized the wedding in Poland from abroad. During the first phone call we immediately ‘hit it off’. Paweł understood straight away what kind and style of photos / photo story we wanted and saw ourselves in. Good communication is for us the foundation of all kinds of relationships, and in something as important as wedding photography it simply has to work! Paweł arrived at the venue of our humanistic wedding just like all the guests – on Friday, which was the day before the ceremony day. Thanks to this, he also managed to capture the beautiful spot that Uroczysko Zaborek is, as well as the arrival of our guests from abroad, which was for us a very special and moving moment.
On Friday we also managed to walk around the area together and discuss the details of the photo shoot. Paweł instructed us how to behave in front of the camera, which was necessary, as we had never been professionally photographed before. During the two days, Paweł was practically invisible, we never noticed when, where and how he took the photos – of course we mean it in the most positive meaning. Owing to this, both our guests and us look really effortless and natural in the photos. A few days ago we received the ready photo story. The final result is totally overwhelming – magnificent photos that perfectly convey the atmosphere, mood and emotions from that beautiful weekend. We are glad that it was Paweł who became our wedding photographer. Thanks to his hard work, which he did casually and with a smile on his face, ‘infecting’ us with this relaxed attitude, we now have a wonderful souvenir, a time machine that makes it possible for us to go back to those amazing days. Paweł, thank you for your cooperation, for us you are an 11 out of 10 and 6 stars out of 5 :)

Venue:   Uroczysko Zaborek
Hair and make-up:   Anna Stachniak
Master of the Ceremony:   Natalia from Ślub Humanistyczny
DJ:   The Majestic DJ
Flowers and decorations:   Carmenflor
Stationery:   Agata
Photo bomber:   Bąbelek



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